Our Top 10 Teams!

October 1, 2020

top 10 teams 2

Presenting the Top 10 teams of ideasinc 2020 who made it through the semi-finals. Read on to find out what they do and hear from them directly.

Stayr - Stayr aims to make accommodations affordable an hour at a time. (Link)

Insect Feed Technologies - Insect Feed Technologies is an insect farming company that farms black soldier flies (BSF) as a sustainable source of protein to feed animals.(Link)

Savour! - Savour! aims to reduce food waste while empowering SMEs, social enterprises and charities through an one-stop B2eB e-procurement and sponsorship web app platform.(Link)

Eyes of Truth (EoT) - Team Eyes of Truth (EoT) wants to bring equitable access to telehealth services and active screening by building the digital infrastructure of telehealth booths in all of our neighbourhoods. They believe that this will achieve better health and well-being for everyone that we love and care about. (Link)

Outside - Outside is a hyperlocal community app that makes it easy for users to help businesses and neighbours with errands and daily inconveniences, the app is powered by geospatial, communication and financial technologies to create a simple and seamless experience. (Link)

MO Batteries - MO Batteries wants to make an electric vehicle future for Singapore a reality.(Link)

Gauss - Gauss wants to make cross-company data exchange so simple that even SMEs can benefit from trading data.(Link)

Magorium - MAGORIUM's technology exists as an effective plastic waste recycling solution by converting it into road additives.(Link)

dateideas - dateidea's flagship product, the dateideas Mobile App, will be the indispensable app that every relationship needs - helping couples enhance not just their short-term dating lives, but the long-term strength and success of their relationships as a whole.(Link)

Levelup - LevelUp is the first platform which uses psycho-educational data to assist parents and teachers in the academic and holistic development of their young ones.(Link)

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